For the young who want to

excerpt from Marge Piercy's "For the young who want to"
Chris September 6, 2012 1 Comment Insight

A friend of Crossroads shared this beautiful poem by Marge Piercy with us on Facebook, and it just hit home for us. Too often so-called aspiring writers are led astray by thinking about the fame, the attention–we are aspiring to the wrong thing. Likewise, too often we forget that writers write, that a whole lot of work goes into it before–if ever–the praise comes. So put your nose back on that grindstone and keep writing. It’s work and you just don’t have the luxury of waiting for the world’s approval. Write for the sake of writing, for telling stories and communicating things that you can’t express otherwise.

Remember these closing lines:

Work is its own cure. You have to
like it better than being loved.

Read the full poem, “For the young who want to,” here at the Poetry Foundation. We’ll see you in October!


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  1. Rosanne Bane Oct 04, 2012

    I love this poem! I’ve includes it in the introductory materials to my Writing Habit class at the Loft Literary Center for years.


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