Tony Grooms: “The Role of Luck”

Tony Grooms
Chris September 7, 2012 No Comments Insight The Writing Life

Unfortunately, Tony Grooms can’t join us this year so, as we share the good news that novelist Ravi Howard will come down for the weekend, we’re kicking off the first of our audio clips from Crossroads 2011 with Tony disabusing the room of this myth:  If you work hard enough, publishing will happen.

“It isn’t true. I think a lot of people work very hard, are very good writers, who have tremendous things to say to our society, and yet are ignored through conventional publishing. So in some ways, I am grateful for the Internet because, finally, it isn’t so much about making money–not for literary writers, at least– as it is about having readers.”


The lesson here? There are several perhaps, but again, we find ourselves fixated on THE JOURNEY of writing instead of the destination, which is out of our control. Tony also speaks a little about the role of luck, re-emphasizing the fact that we are not in absolute control of our destiny or destination.

But what a writer can control is their focus and dedication to the journey, the craft, the art–whatever you want to call it. That’s one reason we call Crossroads a conference for creative people. Sure, we want our registrants to go on to major book deals but what we want more is for you all to lose yourself in the work, to embrace being a writer, to create more and better work.

Check out the rest of what Tony has to say in this clip!

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