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You know what would be cool? If there was a guide to the writing life.

Yes, there are a lot of good books about writing. In fact, three of this year’s guests at our annual writers conference–Chuck Wendig, Sarah Domet and Chris Baty–have written some of the best (see below for titles and links). But there aren’t a lot of books about the writing life.

Like, you can find books that help you outline and structure (90 Days to Your Novel – Sarah Domet), and books that help you write with near reckless abandon (No Plot? No Problem! – Chris Baty) and books that get into the nitty gritty of character development and plot (500 Ways to Be a Better Writer – Chuck Wendig).

But what book can tell you where Sarah gets all those great and inspirational literary quotes she uses? Or the kind of headphones Chris uses to block out a world when he’s diving into the fictional one he’s created? Or how Chuck chooses the right bourbon?

That’s where the Crossroads Guide to the Writing Life comes in. Sure, it’s going to have some great advice and insight about writing, and we’re going to answer some of the tough questions our friends have, but we’re also going to pay attention to some of the fun stuff (and crappy stuff) about being a writer.

Why? Because we want to–who are you to judge us?!

Oh wait. Sorry. I’m a little cranky until my coffee kicks in. (Wanna know how to brew the perfect coffee with a French press, that’s on page 12!)


We really do believe that writing–the process and the lifestyle–is a journey and that the happiest people on Earth are the ones who take the time to enjoy their journey. That’s why we’re doing this Guide to the Writing Life.

And because we really love helping other writers. Proceeds from this book, which you can pre-order by supporting our Indiegogo here, go to our scholarship fund. Students, single parents, people laid off from their jobs–a lot of folks simply can’t afford the cost of joining us but they’re just as passionate about writing as everyone else at the conference. That’s who we’re trying to help.

Already, thanks to the wonderful support of the Crossroads family, we’ve been able to sponsor a run of Rhonda Singletary’s inspirational children’s book, “Project Dreams.” Your help made it possible for us to give away 100 copies of her book to children in need. Likewise, our friends have made it possible for us to support the Junior League of Macon’s Read for the Record, to provide literacy tutors at NBA star (and Macon native) Sharone Wright’s basketball camp and provide mentorships for locals aspiring to make writing more than a hobby.

With this project, you can do good for others and get a good book in return with a who’s who of great and talented writers, including Bernice McFadden, Adam Mansbach, Susannah Breslin, Kevin Maurer, Rosemary Daniell, Robert Venditti and several others.

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