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Every year, we survey our attendees to find out what they thought about their time at Crossroads. We've used those comments and suggestions to make regular improvements to the conference, which is why this year will be our best yet. Along the way, folks have had a few nice things to say. (Note: All the survey responses are anonymous, so folks can speak their mind freely.)
Chris July 8, 2012 No Comments Testimonials

Why did you choose Crossroads?

“My love for writing, learning and the ability to be around like-minded inspiring people.”

“Always looking for other writers to connect with as well as to expand my writing skills.”

“I love meeting the authors and hearing their advice and encouragement.”

“It’s close by and fun.”

“I attended the first two and enjoyed them and learned from them.”

“The variety of genres and writers available for one-on-one conversations.”


What did you get out of Crossroads?

“Getting to meet so many people who shared a passion for writing and creativity. Networking.”

“Meeting a bunch of different people, from all backgrounds. Everyone was so friendly.”

“Hearing things that validate what I do as a beginning writer.”

“Variety of subject matter – you offered something for just about every style of writing.”

“Great info, feedback, insight and words of wisdom from those who have succeeded to those of us who wish to!”

“Listening to the experiences of authors who have been published.”

“I really thought it was a well-balanced conference. I’ve attended many conferences professionally and really was pleased with the quality of the conference.”

What did you like best about Crossroads?

“Seeing amateurs and professionals all mingling. Watching folks make connections that would extend beyond the conference and would not have happened without out.”

“Being able to meet and converse with published authors, and get insight from their experiences (the good and not-so-good)!”

“I liked the small groups–the authors were more interactive.”

“The presenters, interacting with fellow participants.”

“The energy among the attendees – and the excitement of the panelists to share their expertise. I’ve been to other writing conferences where that kind of communication didn’t really happened. This crowd was ready to learn, ready to write, fearless about asking questions and meeting their writing mentors. Kudos to the organizers!”

“The wonderful writers whose sessions we attended.”

“The variety of lectures available… there were so many to choose from!”

“The quality of the guests.”

“The assortment of eclectic and interesting writers.”

“I always enjoy the authors and the information shared. I always feel inspired to write when I leave.”

“The fact that all this beautiful hectic awesomeness was happening in MY city was pretty dang fantastic.”

“The organizers were very accommodating, friendly, and accessible. The panels were lively, interesting, and informative. The panel moderators were excellent: great questions and pleasant personalities. The sessions were excellent.”

“Meeting so many people who love writing!”

“That so many different varieties of authors were represented and the opportunity to meet and talk to the writers in a casual atmosphere.”


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