What folks say (pt 2)

We hear from a lot of the people kind enough to join us at the conference, both our attendees and guest writers. The common theme? "Crossroads was fun, I met cool people and I got a bunch out of it."
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I had such a fantastic time, I thought my head would explode. It was so fun talking shop during the sessions and listening to what other writers had to say about All Things Writing. I met some true characters, too, I tell you. All and all, I had a fantastic time. Macon is such a cool place, too.

—  Sarah Domet, a Crossroads guest writer, about her experience:

Crossroads succeeded in convincing me that whether or not I ever published a word, I was a writer. …My fantasy romance ‘Miami Days & Truscan (K)nights’ hits the e-book market in April, 2012. My crime thriller ‘Down Home’ hits the e-book market in September 2012. Not too shabby for somebody who was never going to submit again, I don’t think. Crossroads was my start. It didn’t make me a writer. It made me believe I was a writer. And that, my friends, is crucial when attempting to enter the professional publishing world.

— Gail Roughton Branan, newly published writer (flowersonthefence.blogspot.com)

This weekend I was very nearly spoiled to death at the Crossroads Writers Conference. They made much of me, and fed me on grilled salmon, and did such a great job with promo… On top of the good crowd and the spoiling and the salmon, the bookstore sold so many of my books they ran out of one title and were down to a single copy of another… I came away feeling like the princess of Macon, and my head was puffy and so large it wobbled like a newborn’s outsize melon.

– Joshilyn Jackson, New York Times Bestselling novelist, Backseat Saints

…believe me when I tell you it was amazing. I learned more in one day that I have in years or reading. I intend to go to every event that follows and invite any and everyone I know that has any love for the arts, education, writing, reading or just loves to socialize with brilliant people and attend events that are classy and empowering… …I got to stand as equals and friends with some of the most brilliant writers and amazing professors, which alone made waking up early on a Saturday well worth it. …It’s such a great place to make connections if your interested in writing. The day was an educational, entertaining blast.

— Myndee Mann, a past attendee

I do not consider myself a writer, aspiring or otherwise. I frankly wasn’t prepared to have my eyes opened in such a commanding way. …In the third session is where I awoke, figuratively speaking, to the beauty of poetry.

— Charles Keown, a past attendee


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