Adam Mansbach

(author photo by Gerald Lucas) (author photo by Gerald Lucas)

New York Times bestselling author Adam Mansbach returns to Crossroads and since we last saw him, he's put out two more books--a kid-friendly version of his runaway hit "Go the F*** to Sleep" and "Nature of the Beast," a graphic novel satire set in the dystopian South (which is kinda redundant, eh?). He joined the Sundance Institute's Screenwriters Lab this year, and now his screenplay, "Panarea," is being made into a film starring Chloe Sevigny and produced by indie film great Jim Jarmusch.

Everyone who met Adam Mansbach at Crossroads 2011 came away enamored of the man, his talent and his generosity. He returns as a guest writer for the 2012 Crossroads Writers Conference, October 5-7, at the Macon Convention Center & Marriott City Center Hotel.

To learn more about him online:

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