Wordy South Women’s T-Shirts: the Pre-Pre-Order

Wordy South Women’s T-Shirts: the Pre-Pre-Order

Thanks to the stellar work by our phenomenal designer Jason Frost (Modern Giant Design), we had a healthy run on our Wordy South T-shirts at the 2012 conference. The only complaint was that they’d been made just for men: thicker cotton, boxy shape.

So, we’re taking orders on women’s tees for the next month. If we get enough, we’ll print them up and ship ’em to you. If not, well… we’ll cross that bridge later. At least this can help us correct our mistake at the conference to ensure the ladies of Crossroads can kick it in the literary-themed style they prefer.

The shirts will look *something* like the photo attached. (Shirts will not come with someone else’s torso already inside.)

For the time being, we’re going with the grey/steel color from before, but on the order form, we’re taking a poll for a different color. If we get enough of the same color, we’ll offer that. Deal?

No money up front, just a handshake commitment to buy a shirt later. We’d like to get 50 pre-pre-orders but if we get close-ish, we’ll move forward. Each shirt will be in the $16-$18 range depending on how many orders we get.

By filling out a pre-pre-order form, you are reserving the first batch of these shirts. Click here to get to the pre-pre-order form.

If you have questions, just ask them in the comments section or give us a holler at @CrossroadsMacon on Twitter or via email at Chris@CrossroadsWriters.org.

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