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Walk Down to… Authors’ Avenue

Apply for Authors’ Avenue

You’ve toiled through first (and second and third … and 10th) drafts, made those tough edits and worked out all the bugs. Whether published by a big-time (or small-time) press or by dint of your own sweat, blood and hard-earned money, your biggest challenge may still lay ahead of you: Getting your book in a reader’s hands. Well, maybe Crossroads can help. That’s the idea behind Authors’ Avenue.

On Friday, October 4, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in downtown Macon, we’re joining forces with the city’s popular First Friday event and lining lower Cotton Avenue (Lo Co, if you will) with bookwrights such as yourself. We’re headlining the event with readings by Kevin Coval (co-founder of Louder Than a Bomb and author of “Schtick” and “L-Vis Lives!”), novelist Bernice McFadden (“Gathering of Waters” and “Sugar”), and YA author Kat Zhang (“What’s Left of Me” and “Once We Were”), among others. Macon native Shawn Durham, author of “Broke Brothers Revolution,” is emceeing performances by Trendlenburg, Poetic Peace and Storytellers.

There’s no cost to attend, but if you’re one of the applicants chosen, there will be a fee of $35 to help defray the costs of the event. For a shot at getting a space at Authors’ Avenue, you have to apply, which you can do by clicking here. We’ll make our final decisions by September 23, 2013 and notify our selections that day.

If you have any questions, post it below or shoot me an email at Chris@CrossroadsWriters.org.


9 thoughts on “Walk Down to… Authors’ Avenue”

    1. Hey Kristy, only you will be able to determine whether it’s worth your while. That said, it should be a lot of fun and if you have promotional materials for your ebook (flyers, bookmarks, etc) that you can pass out that would work. If you’ve been to a book festival or literary fair then you’ll know more or less what to expect from Authors’ Avenue. There’ll already be a few hundred people in downtown for First Friday and we’ll add to that traffic from the writers conference so there should be a decent crowd. Hope that helps! – Chris

    1. Hey Lynnette, we’ll notify all the selections today and then post it on our website once they’ve confirmed. We’ll share that post on Facebook and Twitter and probably in an email too. Thanks! – Chris

  1. I applied, and haven’t checked to see if the announcement’s been made, but due to sudden health issues, I can’t do this anyway. Modern medicine has robbed me blind. Sigh. I hope to be well enough to attend, though, and check out everyone’s offerings!

    1. Lynnette, we’re awfully sorry to hear about that. Please let me know if there’s anything we can do to help. Take care! – Chris

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