(drumroll) Wordy South Social Hour, ep. 1

(drumroll) Wordy South Social Hour, ep. 1

Technically, it’s still December 19, as I post this.

That’d been the plan: Post the first episode on Thursday, December 19.

But I quickly learned that I don’t know much at all about sound. So, my self-education (thank you, Internet) slowed my progress.

As did things like getting a broken tooth pulled.

Regardless, here’s our first installment. I’m proud of it and no matter how much better these episodes get–and they will get better–I’m always going to love this one.

Here, we kick-off the Wordy South Social Hour podcast the same way we kicked-off the 2013 Crossroads Writers Conference: With a talk by Delilah S. Dawson. (And her shout-out to the awesome Susannah Breslin.)

If you get nothing else out of it–besides how weird she is–remember these four things, which she says are key to being a published writer:

1) Work really hard for a long time.

2) Develop thick skin.

3) Never stop learning.

4) Write every day, even when it drives you crazy.

In a couple weeks or so, we’ll release the episode featuring an interview with Delilah.

For now, enjoy the podcast and let us know what you think. We’ll be posting more from past conferences (I just found a stash from 2011) and including interviews with our favorite folks.

Remember, you can find Delilah online at www.DelilahSDawson.com and follow her on Twitter at @delilahsdawson



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